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1st Aug 2022

Gravity Replay: Katy Smith, The Columbus Dispatch

Content warning: this episode features graphic descriptions of violence and domestic abuse.

Katy Smith is Business Editor at The Columbus Dispatch and Editor of Columbus CEO magazine. She has been a journalist for more than 20 years, most of those covering business in Columbus. She grew up in Bexley and now lives in Clintonville in a duplex with her husband Nick, her rescue cat Dexter, and her brother Joe, who she cares for.

So, Katy has been sharing other people’s stories for about 20 years now — and, today, she is generous enough to share her own story publicly for the first time

What Brett asks:

  • [10:12] Can you talk a little bit more about what happened for you and how you managed to navigate domestic violence?
  • [14:30] Let’s back up and talk about your early childhood.
  • [21:30] It must have been very difficult, whether you knew it at the time, going through that family dynamic as a young girl.
  • [26:20] Tell me a little bit more about your brother and how that experience shaped your life.
  • [34:23]  I think what you've shared so far is really important for others to hear, and maybe important for you to acknowledge and create real space for.
  • [38:33] This kind of sharing is very cathartic, not just for you but for the people who hear it.

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