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8th Aug 2022

Gravity Replay: Josh Trent, Wellness Force Radio

Josh Trent, founder of Wellness Force Media and host of Wellness Force Radio, has gone through a lot in his life — like every one of us — but he’s also done the work to acknowledge his trauma and make it work for him, which is a step that we can all benefit from but not a lot of us are willing to or know how to take.

Luckily, Josh has a knack for breaking this stuff down and making the choice to change feel accessible. It isn’t easy. It will require you to live more intentionally and consciously every day, for the rest of your life. But the rewards are incomparable.

What Brett asks:

  • [2:30] What’s your origin story?
  • [6:25] What did you learn from past-life regression and how did you go about doing it?
  • [16:00] How did your father’s generational trauma show up in your childhood? Your mother’s?
  • [24:00] How did your generational trauma start manifesting as a teenager?
  • [29:40] What pulled you into observer mode so that you could see the unconscious way you were living?
  • [37:25] How did you move into the work you’re doing now?
  • [45:00] What is Rythmia and how did it affect you?
  • [52:20] How are you using all of the experiences that led up to now, good and bad?
  • [1:02:40] Tell us about BTFA (Belief, Thought, Feeling, Action).

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