Episode 111

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4th Apr 2022

111. Aspirational Sustainability: How SISTAIN Is Changing the Sustainability Landscape with Jaclyn Tracy

Jaclyn Tracy is the founder of SISTAIN, a DTC marketplace that curates sustainable products and provides the tools to educate consumers about sustainability, making it not only easier, but aspirational too. She joins the podcast for a conversation about knowing you’re on the right path in life and balancing commerce with lifestyle. 

Working in advertising before becoming an entrepreneur, she learned that consumer behavior can be changed and made doing just that her mission: moving the world toward less waste and, as she puts it: “imperfect progress.”

We discuss how she realized she wasn’t on her right path in life thanks to a holistic, intentional approach to living. Of course, knowing about a problem is much easier than fixing it, so we also talk about the changes she made to address things. An interesting part of our conversation gets into the need for money and whether or not this always comes at the expense of how we choose to live our lives. 

Self-care is important to Jaclyn – as it should be to all of us – we cover her must-haves, from sabbaticals to drinking enough water. Then we get into what the future holds for her and SISTAIN. It’s exciting, meaningful stuff. Tune in for a look into the future of digital commerce.

What Brett asks:

  • [01:26] Talk a little bit about the early memories of your childhood.
  • [05:38] What was it like growing up with such diversity of thought in your household?
  • [10:44] What were your childhood passions?
  • [14:48] What was your relationship with your anarchist brother like?
  • [18:46] How did societal norms initially keep you in a lane?
  • [22:14] How do you balance the need for money and the importance placed on money?
  • [25:22] What was your path towards entrepreneurship?
  • [33:52] Tell me how you self-care.
  • [43:34] What’s next? Where are you going from here?
  • [46:18] What’s the biggest obstacle for you in the way of getting the business to the next step?
  • [47:46] Any final thoughts?

To learn more about intentional living, and for the complete show notes, visit: gravityproject.com


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