Episode 109

Published on:

21st Mar 2022

109. Thoughts Create Things: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World with Kit Yoon

Kit Yoon is a Chinese medicine practitioner, life and health coach. She's had a private practice helping people feel better by tapping into their own healing potential since 2002, integrating multiple natural healing modalities to help people live a sweeter and healthier life without all the drama.

Kit is originally from Thailand and has called New England, California, New Zealand, and Ohio home in the last three decades. She grew up in a town just outside of Bangkok, mostly raised by her grandmother. Both of her parents were working professionals; Her father was, and still is, a journalist, while her mother was an editor for a fashion magazine.

As a kid, Kit didn’t know what she wanted to do beyond “I want to help people with my hands.” As she went through school, that was pushed aside until she, through inertia, ended up in biology. She didn’t want to be a doctor but she still knew she wanted to help people. 

It wasn’t until looking back from where she is today that she realizes that she’s fulfilled that desire, making this an extra special edition of the podcast.

What Brett asks:

  • [01:00] What was the dynamic with your family in your early childhood?
  • [07:14] Tell me about how your life transitioned as you moved to the US?
  • [14:40] How did your parenting and cultural upbringing impact you and what would you do differently?
  • [14:40] Do you find how you were raised a blessing or a curse?
  • [17:56] What happens for you as you get into your adult education and career?
  • [21:00] How did you end up deciding what you wanted to do in the future?
  • [23:50] How did you get into the work that you’re doing?
  • [34:31] How has your current practice evolved?
  • [44:56] What does a coach do that a therapist does not? And who coaches you?

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